The Journey

This fall I'll be heading across the US on an epic bike trip to find and interview everyone I can who builds or uses Human-Powered Machines. I'll be joined by a team of incredibly talented filmmakers, and each week we'll feature inventors, homesteaders, and business people who choose muscles over motors.

The trip will take approximately six months, and the exact route will be determined by the locations of the people who are going to be on the show. Our goal is to do a full loop across the United States, beginning and ending in the magical forests of Oregon. 

Our mission is to share with the world the power these machines have to change lives, educate, inspire, make us healthy and happy

Want to get involved? 

If you have, use, or build human powered machines (other than for transportation) (cause, well, it's pretty covered) you could be featured on an episode! Tell us about your project.

Know someone who you think would be interested in being on the show? Please forward our website to them! 

Think there's somewhere we just HAVE to visit, like East Jesus, Ithaca's Gorges, or Refrigerator Stonehenge? Email me with your ideas (matthew at bicimakina dot com). We're also happy to have safe places to pitch tents and take showers if you're inclined to host! 

So what's happening right now?

Currently, we're building our route by reaching out to folks we already know of who build and use human-powered machines. Every time someone signs up we'll add them to an interactive Google map, which will include their location, website and contact info. Once we have enough people pinned on the map to be exciting (who knows how many that is...) we'll make the map public!

We're also editing a number of short teaser videos that we'll begin releasing this spring. Additionally, we're developing a social media marketing strategy to maximize our exposure, and beginning to secure funding.

Lastly, we're developing additional features for this site to make it as awesome and useful as possible! (Look for some of these new features beginning in March 😉)


Can't wait to see you on the road!


Matthew & the Bicimakina Team