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#TBT - Deconstructing the Liquadora

#TBT - Deconstructing the Liquadora

Being totally clueless about bike maintenance is turning out to be advantageous. The first reason is that it there is no redundancy, its all new, its all exciting, its all learning. The second, more important, reason is that the highly skilled handy-persons are constantly working on bikes, leaving only me free to work on other projects, i.e. the bicimaquinas.

#TBT - Like Kids in a Candy Shop

The liquidora, or blender, was what brought me here in the first place. I was flipping through Maya Pedal's website, growing increasingly excited and then I saw the bicycle-blender and practically cried. So you can imagine the pure joy I experienced sitting in the warm sunlit shop blending local naranjas, bananas, and piña into smoothies for all to enjoy. As I was pedaling I could barely contain my happiness, a huge grin appeared on my face and I thought to myself... 

#TBT- A Team of Enthusiasts

My first day so far has been great, despite a night full of full of dying roosters, being strangled noisly by their own exasperation. Far from a bucollic wake-up call, they sound emit is more like a hoarse scream, and at all hours of the night. I´m not a fan.

#TBT - So. Many. Bikes.

#TBT - So. Many. Bikes.

After a some logistical mishaps, that included (literally) throwing money at swanky hotel receptionists, I finally made it out of Guatemala City with my awesome and amiable driver Jose Luis. Jose Luis was one of those guys that makes everything seem okay, if someone had to tell me that my left lung needed to be removed I would want it to be Jose Luis. He was...

#TBT Airports are such weird places

Editor's Note: Every Thursday I'll be re-posting my old blog posts from my time in Guatemala. Hashtag Throwback Thurdays! I mostly kept the blog for my family, also I was kind of an asshole then. So... grain of salt :)

I'm officially in Guatemala, safe and sound, no banditos yet, just creepy taxi guys*
The flights weren't that interesting, but the Dallas International Airport... full of all kinds of strange stuff. For example, this iPod vending machine.