Appropriate Technology

#TBT Airports are such weird places

Editor's Note: Every Thursday I'll be re-posting my old blog posts from my time in Guatemala. Hashtag Throwback Thurdays! I mostly kept the blog for my family, also I was kind of an asshole then. So... grain of salt :)

I'm officially in Guatemala, safe and sound, no banditos yet, just creepy taxi guys*
The flights weren't that interesting, but the Dallas International Airport... full of all kinds of strange stuff. For example, this iPod vending machine.

This is Bicimakina

This is Bicimakina

Um, bici what?  

bee + see + MA + key + nah

It's Spanish, and it literally means "bike machine." Okay, actually, bicimaquina(spelled with a QU) literally means bike machine, bicimakina means... nothing.  But when I came up with the idea for Bicimakina I knew no anglophone would get the whole QU-as-K-sound bit. Heck, hardly any non-Spanish speaker can even repeat it back to me after I've said it. So why? Why, why, why would I ever choose a name that so many people can't say? 

It's an homage to this project's roots in Central America. 

Also, I could get it as a dotcom.